**All royalties received from book sales are donated to a veteran related charity or endeavor (Semper Fi fund, supporting disabled veteran races, etc.)**

Thank you for visiting! This website is dedicated to the book Kicking Ace – Taking Names and can help you get in touch with the author or find out about the most recent events. I appreciate all the help and support that has gone into this book.

The point of this book is to heighten awareness for the Recon Community and the training these brave men go through. It also sheds light on the Iraq War and helps people understand what veterans go through when returning home.

If you enjoyed the book, feel free to browse the website to learn a little more about the author. New readers can check out upcoming events and read excerpts from the book! At the very least, I hope you feel inspired to persevere, drive on, and achieve your goals.

– Jeremy Vandekar